Jordan Curry Photography | About

Hello, friends! Thank you so much for stopping by and considering allowing me to capture some memories for you! I am a wife, a sister, an aunt, and a complete goofball. I can often be found singing praises to Jesus, drinking too much coffee (black with stevia, please!) yelling "Roll Tide," tomahawk chopping my hardest at a Braves game, and frequently visiting Walt Disney World with my prince charming of a husband.  

I love walking alongside people. Whether its in day to day life, firsts, best day ever moments- whatever it is, I love walking through life with people and experiencing moments together. I've never enjoyed anything more than creating memories. Moments captured on camera create memories that will last forever, and that is where my heart for photography began. Whether it's a new love story, a new life story, or a continuation of a story years in the making, photos allow those moments to stand still. I can't wait to work with you and allow your memories to live on forever!  

I joined the "real world" in 2014 as a student pastor, and I have loved every single moment I have spent teaching students about Jesus. It is the joy of my life to walk through their faith journey with them. I've had the honor of capturing moments in their lives on camera and it has helped me realize that through the lens of a camera, I can invest in peoples lives as the Lord has called me to do, and that's really cool.

Nothing would make me happier than getting to be a part of your story. Please let me know how I can do that by sending me a message on my contact page! Let's make some memories!